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Imagine smoothly running and managing all your work from your couch in your comfiest PJs. Cospace is here to make it a reality, turning every spot into your perfect workspace.

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How it works

👋 Let's create your Cospace


Brewing Up a Workspace

Customize your Cospace to reflect the energetic, dynamic vibe of your company. Upload all your files, invite your team members and you're ready to roll.


Structuring Projects and Assigning Tasks

Let's create a project for each of your marketing campaigns and set specific tasks. Assign Ethan to nail down the strategy, let Laura handle the SEO magic, and have Mark kickstart your Facebook ads—all with due dates and budgets clearly set. Keep your team aligned and watch productivity skyrocket!


Collaborate in Real-Time

No more endless email threads with 20 versions of the same document! Cospace allows you to collaborate on documents in real-time. Want to finalize that "Campaign Pitch.pptx" for the new client? Jump in with Ethan and get it done together, watching each other's updates live.


Keeping Everyone in the Loop with Chat Channels

Set up chat channels for different purposes. Missing face-to-face time? Initiate a video call right within your chat space. And let's not forget our beloved #CoffeeBreak room, where you can plan your next caffeine fix. Keep the conversations flowing and the ideas brewing!


Managing Calendars and Meeting Deadlines

Cospace's calendar feature makes meeting deadlines a breeze. Color-code individual tasks and team-wide events like the "Weekly Status Meeting." Attach files, set agendas, and keep everyone in sync. Manage your time and team effortlessly—all in one place!

Cospace data

Take your business even further with AI

Use AI to combine multiple data sources. Get easy-to-understand summaries, visuals, and predictions. Automate wide range of tasks to save time, reduce errors and make better business decisions faster.

Connect data


Combine all types of data, regardless of format, into one trusted source and manage information flow easily in both directions.

React & Grow


Train and deploy deep ML&AI models. Customize visuals to truly understand your data. Make smart decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.



Tidy your data, sort it out, organize, merge/split, and effortlessly analyze large datasets.



Focus more on strategic decisions and lesss on repetetive manual work.

Inventory Management

Automatically order new stock when levels hit a limit, minimize errors and prevent delays.

Customer/Client Insights

Forecast customer needs, automate personalized marketing, and enhance satisfaction through tailored messaging.

Financial Forecasting

Analyze financial data, make accurate predictions, and automatically create reports for quicker and smarter decisions.

Supply Chain Optimization

Combine supply chain data to streamline processes. Auto-assign optimal delivery routes to save time and money.

Competitor Analysis

Understand your market position.Auto-track competitor activities for quick strategy adjustments.

Employee Performance

Track worker performance, auto-generate reports, spot areas for growth, and suggest custom training.

Price Optimization

By analyzing market trends and competitor prices, you can optimize your pricing strategy to maximize profits.

Fraud Detection

Analyze transactions in real-time to spot any suspicious activities, helping to reduce the risk of fraud.

Seamless integration

Cospace Data can effortlessly integrate with your existing systems,
without disrupting your current workflow.

💡 Solutions

Suitable for all kinds of teams

Streamline communication, stay organized, and boost productivity.
No matter your team's size or industry, Cospace has got you covered.

Marketing Managers

  • Share assets for campaign coordination.
  • Track progress and modify deadlines.
  • Analyze data to enhance marketing ROI.

Graphic Designers

  • Quickly share designs and get feedback.
  • Organize all design assets in one place.
  • Track design versions effortlessly.

Software Developers

  • Keep tabs on bugs and features.
  • Store vital project documentation.
  • Coordinate tasks with team.

HR Professionals

  • Securely store all employee documents.
  • Share company training schedules.
  • Communicate updates to the team.


  • Manage multiple project deadlines.
  • Securely store client documents.
  • Share updates with clients quickly.

Sales Manager

  • Keep team aligned with sales targets.
  • Plan strategic sales campaigns.
  • Quickly update team on changes.

🏛 Cospace for governments

Cospace provides secure, efficient, and scalable platform to communication, collaboration, and daily operations.

Privacy and Security

Robust encryption and advanced access controls keeps your data confidential, especially when handling citizens' sensitive information.


Secure document exchange, private file storage, safe communication, real-time updates, and task management in one place for your government operations.

Digital Autonomy

Fully control your data and processes. Minimize dependence on third-party vendors, reduce risks, and reclaim ownership of your digital space.


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Let's Make this World more Private and Shape the Future of Collaboration

At Cospace, we believe your data should belong to you and that transparency is key. Our vision is to empower users with complete control over their data, ensuring they know where it's going and how it's being used.


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  • On-Premises, Hybrid or Cloud
  • Support and customization
  • Complete data isolation and controls
  • Customer Success Manager

It's user-friendly

You don't need a PhD in computer science to use cospace. It's easy to get started right away.

It's flexible

Cospace easily adjusts to your team's style and needs, making it a perfect fit for everyone.

It's reliable

We use the latest technology and security protocols to ensure that your data is always safe

It's fun

Let's face it, project management can be a bit dry. Regain your love for the job with Cospace.

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